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About Us

Our Mission

A-1 Homes is a Full Service Company that has helped over 100,000 future homeowners find the home of their dreams at a price they can afford. It was in 1969 when John Bushman first established A-1 Mobile Homes in Texas. John credits the success of A-1 Homes to the mission he established from the beginning: "Get everyone into a home that wants one and provide the people, product, and financing to accomplish it." The Housing Consultants at A-1 Homes are individually dedicated to this mission. No matter what a person's credit history or financing, our staff will work hard to make the dream of home ownership come true.

John Bushman, Founder

John Bushman established A-l Mobile Homes in May of 1969 and by 1982 built a mobile home manufacturing plant in Fort Worth, Texas, which was called High Chaparral, Inc. He also owns local CBS affiliate station, KOSA-TV as well as several radio stations and hotels in Odessa, Abilene, Albuquerque, Beaumont, Colorado Springs, Dallas, and Lubbock.

The Bushman's founded and are funding the organization, People Pride, Inc., which will helps children graduate from college and understand how to own and operate a small business of their own.

In 2006, Courtesy Health Screening was established, staffed, and operates for the benefit of the public without charge screenings are done for cholesterol, colon, blood pressure, prostate, HIV, diabetes, and other vital signs.

10 Ways Our Construction Is Better

  • 1/2-inch drywall

    Ours provides 40 percent more insulation value room-to-room and makes a sturdier house than their 5/16-inch.

  • Continuous I-beams

    Cavco Homes are built atop continuous, extruded-steel I-beams. Their welded I-beams are weaker. We also spray ours with a rust inhibitor.

  • Bigger air ducts

    We craft 5x14-inch air ducts to deliver more cold or warm air, which makes you comfortable faster. Theirs are 30 percent smaller.

  • 3/4-inch water-supply lines

    Nobody likes getting scorched in the shower when the toilet is flushed. We make our water-supply lines bigger to ensure constant and adequate water pressure throughout your house.

  • Square, square, square

    Throughout the building process, we're square-crazy. We make sure our floors are square with our walls are square with our ceilings. Square makes our houses hold up better for the long run.

  • 2-part construction adhesive

    Our competitors use a wimpy white glue to attach the sub-floor to floor joists. We use a 2-part construction adhesive, which is more expensive, but prevents squeaky floors over time.

  • Heavy-duty ridge beam

    The backbone of our homes is a 1 1/4-inch wide x 11 1/2-inch-high engineered lam beam (16-18 inches high in the center of the house). Ask our competitors what's holding their houses together.

  • Rolled countertops

    Cavco's commercial grade, rolled countertops with integrated backsplashes and self-edges are so much sturdier and easier to keep clean.

  • Free-flow attic venting

    We ventilate our attics with all-metal, free-flow vents. No plastic, and no motors that die after a few years. (What happens when your attic motor fan dies and you're not aware that it's no longer working? Your ceiling caves in. We've seen it happen.)

  • Screws instead of nails

    We use screws to assemble our walls. Our competitors use nails. Nails can pop out, but screws can last forever.